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ID DOID:3565
Name meningioma
Definition A central nervous system cancer that are manifested in the central nervous system and arise from the arachnoid cap cells of the arachnoid villi in the meninges.
Source DiseaseOntology.org
Alt Ids DOID:3554 DOID:1137 DOID:3567 DOID:4750
Path disease disease of cellular proliferation cancer organ system cancer nervous system cancer central nervous system cancer meningioma


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Molecular Profile Therapy Indication/Tumor Type Response Type Profile Response Detail
TP53 wild-type CEP1347 meningioma sensitive detail...
Clinical Trial Phase Therapies Title Recruitment Status Covered Countries Other Countries
NCT01880749 Phase I Everolimus Exploring the Activity of RAD001 in Vestibular Schwannomas and Meningiomas Completed USA 0
NCT01967823 Phase II Aldesleukin + Anti-NY ESO-1 mTCR PBL + Cyclophosphamide + Fludarabine T Cell Receptor Immunotherapy Targeting NY-ESO-1 for Patients With NY-ESO-1 Expressing Cancer Completed USA 0
NCT02282917 Phase I REC-2282 Exploratory Evaluation of AR-42 Histone Deacetylase Inhibitor in the Treatment of Vestibular Schwannoma and Meningioma Terminated USA 0
NCT02423525 Phase I Afatinib Safety Study of Afatinib for Brain Cancer Completed USA 0
NCT02523014 Phase II Abemaciclib GSK2256098 Vismodegib Capivasertib Vismodegib, FAK Inhibitor GSK2256098, Capivasertib, and Abemaciclib in Treating Patients With Progressive Meningiomas Recruiting USA 0
NCT02648997 Phase II Nivolumab A Study of Nivolumab in Adult Participants With Recurrent High-Grade Meningioma Recruiting USA 0
NCT02831257 Phase II Vistusertib AZD2014 In NF2 Patients With Progressive or Symptomatic Meningiomas Completed USA 0
NCT02847559 Phase II Bevacizumab Optune Delivered Electric Field Therapy and Bevacizumab in Treating Patients With Recurrent or Progressive Grade 2 or 3 Meningioma Recruiting USA 0
NCT02933736 Phase 0 Ribociclib Ribociclib (LEE011) in Preoperative Glioma and Meningioma Patients Active, not recruiting USA 0
NCT03071874 Phase II Vistusertib Phase II Study Of Vistusertib (AZD2014) For Recurrent Grade II-III Meningiomas Active, not recruiting USA 0
NCT03095248 Phase II Selumetinib Trial of Selumetinib in Patients With Neurofibromatosis Type II Related Tumors (SEL-TH-1601) Recruiting USA 0
NCT03173950 Phase II Nivolumab Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor Nivolumab in People With Select Rare CNS Cancers Recruiting USA 0
NCT03220646 Phase II Abemaciclib Abemaciclib (LY2835219) in Patients With Recurrent Primary Brain Tumors Active, not recruiting USA 0
NCT03267836 Phase I Avelumab Neoadjuvant Avelumab and Hypofractionated Proton Radiation Therapy Followed by Surgery for Recurrent Radiation-refractory Meningioma Terminated USA 0
NCT03279692 Phase II Pembrolizumab Phase II Trial of Pembrolizumab in Recurrent or Residual High Grade Meningioma Active, not recruiting USA 0
NCT03604978 Phase Ib/II Ipilimumab + Nivolumab Nivolumab Nivolumab and Multi-fraction Stereotactic Radiosurgery With or Without Ipilimumab in Treating Participants With Recurrent Grade II-III Meningioma Suspended USA 0
NCT03631953 Phase I Alpelisib + Trametinib Combination of Alpelisib and Trametinib in Progressive Refractory Meningiomas (ALTREM) Unknown status FRA 0
NCT03971461 Phase II lutetium Lu 177 dotatate Phase II Study of 177Lu-DOTATATE Radionuclide in Adults With Progressive or High-risk Meningioma Recruiting USA 0
NCT04082520 Phase II lutetium Lu 177 dotatate Lutathera for the Treatment of Inoperable, Progressive Meningioma After External Beam Radiation Therapy Recruiting USA 0
NCT04283669 Phase II Crizotinib Phase 2 Clinical Trial of Crizotinib for Children and Adults With Neurofibromatosis Type 2 and Progressive Vestibular Schwannomas (NF110) Active, not recruiting USA 0
NCT04374305 Phase II Brigatinib Innovative Trial for Understanding the Impact of Targeted Therapies in NF2 (INTUITT-NF2) Recruiting USA 0
NCT04541082 Phase I ONC206 Phase I Study of Oral ONC206 in Recurrent and Rare Primary Central Nervous System Neoplasms Recruiting USA 0
NCT04659811 Phase II Pembrolizumab Stereotactic Radiosurgery and Immunotherapy (Pembrolizumab) for the Treatment of Recurrent Meningioma Recruiting USA 0
NCT05130866 Phase II REC-2282 Efficacy and Safety of REC-2282 in Patients With Progressive Neurofibromatosis Type 2 (NF2) Mutated Meningiomas (POPLAR-NF2) Recruiting USA 0
NCT05228015 Phase I IK-930 Oral TEAD Inhibitor Targeting the Hippo Pathway in Subjects With Advanced Solid Tumors Recruiting USA 0
NCT05425004 Phase II Cabozantinib Cabozantinib for Patients With Recurrent or Progressive Meningioma Recruiting USA 0
NCT05940493 Phase II Abemaciclib A Phase 2 Study of Abemaciclib in Newly Diagnosed Meningioma Patients Not yet recruiting USA 0
NCT06012929 Phase I ONC201 A Study of ONC201 for Refractory Meningioma Suspended USA 0
NCT06126588 Phase II Everolimus Combination of Everolimus and 177Lu-DOTATATE in the Treatment of Grades 2 and 3 Refractory Meningioma: a Phase IIb Clinical Trial (ELUMEN) Not yet recruiting FRA 0