Gene Detail

Gene Symbol SH2B3
Synonyms IDDM20 | LNK
Gene Description SH2B3 (LNK), SH2B adapter protein 3, is an adaptor protein that integrates signaling molecules to JAK and RTK pathways and thereby negatively regulating hematopoiesis and endothelial cell physiology (PMID: 21723852). Loss of functional SH2B3 (LNK) is associated with ALL (PMID: 23908464) and MPN (PMID: 26522763) while SH2B3 (LNK) overexpression is associated with ovarian cancer (PMID: 24704825).
Entrez Id 10019
Chromosome 12
Map Location 12q24.12
Canonical Transcript NM_005475

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