Gene Detail

Gene Symbol AKAP9
Synonyms AKAP-9 | AKAP350 | AKAP450 | CG-NAP | HYPERION | LQT11 | MU-RMS-40.16A | PPP1R45 | PRKA9 | YOTIAO
Gene Description AKAP9, A-kinase anchor protein 9, belongs to a family of diverse A-kinase anchor proteins (AKAPs) that have a common function of binding to the protein kinase A regulatory subunit (PMID: 26441649). AKAP9 fusions have been observed with BRAF in thyroid cancer (PMID: 15630448) and in sclerosing malignant melanoma (PMID: 29464327) and framshift mutations of Akap9 have been reported in MSI-H colon and gastric cancers (PMID: 26786868).
Entrez Id 10142
Chromosome 7
Map Location 7q21.2
Canonical Transcript XM_011515719

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