Gene Detail

Gene Symbol CDKN1B
Synonyms CDKN4 | KIP1 | MEN1B | MEN4 | P27KIP1
Gene Description CDKN1B (p27), cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor 1B, regulates cell cycle progression and is involved in G1 arrest to function as a tumor suppressor, while altered Cdkn2b may promote oncogenesis (PMID: 2868735). Germline mutations in CDKN1B are associated with multiple endocrine neoplasia type IV (MEN4) and reduced expression and somatic mutations are associated with a variety of tumors, including lymphoma, breast, and endocrine (PMID: 23555276; PMID: 18354415; PMID: 28687353).
Entrez Id 1027
Chromosome 12
Map Location 12p13.1
Canonical Transcript NM_004064

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