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Gene Symbol CEBPA
Synonyms C/EBP-alpha | CEBP
Gene Description CEBPA, CCAAT enhancer binding protein alpha, is a transcription factor that regulates the expression of genes involved in cell differentiation (PMID: 26601784). Inactivation of CEBPA is associated with the pathogenesis of leukemia, including biallelic CEBPA-mutant AML (PMID: 32086816), and dysregulation of CEBPA has been identified in various solid tumors (PMID: 28720765, PMID: 28504718).


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Molecular Profile Protein Effect Treatment Approaches
CEBPA A111Rfs*59 loss of function - predicted
CEBPA A44P unknown
CEBPA A44Pfs*63 loss of function - predicted
CEBPA amp no effect
CEBPA D301H unknown
CEBPA D301N unknown
CEBPA D63N unknown
CEBPA E329Q unknown
CEBPA E347G unknown
CEBPA E59* loss of function - predicted
CEBPA E59D unknown
CEBPA F82fs loss of function - predicted
CEBPA F82S unknown
CEBPA H195_P196dup unknown
CEBPA I294K unknown
CEBPA inact mut loss of function
CEBPA K280N unknown
CEBPA K304_Q305insL unknown
CEBPA K313_V314insR unknown
CEBPA K326N unknown
CEBPA L317_T318insM unknown
CEBPA L324P unknown
CEBPA mutant unknown
CEBPA mut GATA2 mut
CEBPA N292S unknown
CEBPA N292T unknown
CEBPA N293del unknown
CEBPA P197Q unknown
CEBPA P23Rfs*137 loss of function - predicted
CEBPA P46Lfs*114 loss of function - predicted
CEBPA positive unknown
CEBPA Q305dup unknown
CEBPA Q312* loss of function - predicted
CEBPA R142Sfs*27 loss of function - predicted
CEBPA R142Tfs*27 loss of function - predicted
CEBPA R286Pfs*35 loss of function - predicted
CEBPA R288P unknown
CEBPA R288_V296delinsL unknown
CEBPA R300C unknown
CEBPA R306P unknown
CEBPA R339W unknown
CEBPA R343Afs*79 unknown
CEBPA T310_Q311insKQNP unknown
CEBPA T310_Q311insW unknown
CEBPA T318del unknown
CEBPA T318_S319insI unknown
CEBPA T337A unknown
CEBPA T337M unknown
CEBPA V308dup unknown
CEBPA V314_L315insW loss of function - predicted
CEBPA wild-type no effect
CEBPA Y67* loss of function - predicted