Gene Detail

Gene Symbol SIRPA
Synonyms BIT | CD172A | MFR | MYD-1 | P84 | PTPNS1 | SHPS1 | SIRP
Gene Description SIRPA, tyrosine-protein phosphatase non-receptor type substrate 1, is predominately expressed on the cell surface of macrophages and is a receptor for CD47, which upon binding inhibits phagocytosis (PMID: 29930800). Sirpa altered expression has been reported in a variety of tumor types and therapeutic disruption of binding of CD47 to the Sirpa receptor on macrophages may stimulate phagocytosis of tumor cells (PMID: 28286286, PMID: 28258703).
Entrez Id 140885
Chromosome 20
Map Location 20p13
Canonical Transcript

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