Gene Detail

Gene Symbol CYLD
Synonyms BRSS | CDMT | CYLD1 | CYLDI | EAC | MFT | MFT1 | SBS | TEM | USPL2
Gene Description CYLD, ubiquitin carboxyl-terminal hydrolase, acts as a tumor suppressor through enzymatic removal of ubiquitin chains on target substrates and its activity influences NFKB, WNT, MAPK, HDAC6, and EGFR pathways among others (PMID: 20347313, PMID: 25342597, PMID: 28572092). Loss of Cyld expression and function is associated with a variety of cancers, including squamous cell carcinomas (PMID: 20347313, PMID: 21900959, PMID: 26982322).
Entrez Id 1540
Chromosome 16
Map Location 16q12.1
Canonical Transcript NM_015247

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