Gene Detail

Gene Symbol ERCC2
Synonyms COFS2 | EM9 | TFIIH | TTD | TTD1 | XPD
Gene Description ERCC2, ERCC excision repair 2 TFIIH core complex helicase subunit, is an ATP-dependent 5’-3’ DNA helicase that plays a role in nucleotide excision repair, RNA transcription, and chromosome segregation (PMID: 20797633). ERCC2 variants have been associated with susceptibility to gastric cancer (PMID: 24338713) and lung cancer (PMID: 20627704) and somatic Ercc2 loss of function mutations may confer sensitivity to cisplatin (PMID: 29980530).
Entrez Id 2068
Chromosome 19
Map Location 19q13.32
Canonical Transcript NM_000400

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