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Gene Symbol DIS3
Synonyms 2810028N01Rik | dis3p | EXOSC11 | KIAA1008 | RRP44
Gene Description DIS3, DIS3 homolog, exosome endoribonuclease and 3'-5' exoribonuclease, encodes a catalytic subunit of the endosome, which is involved in the processing of small RNAs, regulation of gene expression, and mRNA quality control (PMID: 26193331). DIS3 mutations have been identified in multiple myeloma (PMID: 25521164), and altered expression has been identified in multiple cancers (PMID: 26193331), including overexpression in colorectal carcinoma (PMID: 24478024), and decreased expression in chronic lymphocytic leukemia (PMID: 17047154).
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