Gene Detail

Gene Symbol HDAC1
Synonyms GON-10 | HD1 | KDAC1 | RPD3 | RPD3L1
Gene Description HDAC1, histone deacetylase 1, is a member of the class I HDAC family that functions in deacetylation of histone proteins to repress transcription (PMID: 23697933) and plays a role in regulating cell proliferation and suppression of cytokine production by activated T-cells (PMID: 30096875). HDAC1 mutations have been identified in liposarcoma (PMID: 22328974), while increased expression has been observed in multiple tumor types including gastric, breast, colorectal, Hodgkin lymphoma, lung, and liver cancers (PMID: 24382387).
Entrez Id 3065
Chromosome 1
Map Location 1p35.2-p35.1
Canonical Transcript NM_004964

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