Gene Detail

Gene Symbol NRG1
Synonyms ARIA | GGF | GGF2 | HGL | HRG | HRG1 | HRGA | MST131 | MSTP131 | NDF | NRG1-IT2 | SMDF
Gene Description NRG1, neuregulin 1, encodes for a ligand that can bind to Erbb3 (Her3) and Erbb4, which upon binding forms dimers with other ERBB (HER) family receptors and thus, may result in activation of downstream signaling pathways (PMID: 10880430). NRG1 fusions have been demonstrated to bind to Erbb3 (Her3), leading to Erbb3-Erbb2 heterodimers, and have been identified in lung adenocarcinomas (PMID: 25501131).
Entrez Id 3084
Chromosome 8
Map Location 8p12
Canonical Transcript NM_013964

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