Gene Detail

Gene Symbol HSP90AA1
Synonyms EL52 | HEL-S-65p | Hsp103 | HSP86 | Hsp89 | HSP89A | Hsp90 | HSP90A | HSP90N | HSPC1 | HSPCA | HSPCAL1 | HSPCAL4 | HSPN | LAP-2 | LAP2
Gene Description HSP90AA1, heat shock protein 90kDa alpha family class A member 1, encodes a cytosolic isoform of Hsp90, which functions as a molecular chaperone to regulate the activities of several cellular proteins (PMID: 26071189). HSP90AA1 over expression is associated with several tumor types (PMID: 26071189).
Entrez Id 3320
Chromosome 14
Map Location 14q32.31
Canonical Transcript NM_005348

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