Gene Detail

Gene Symbol IL6R
Synonyms CD126 | gp80 | IL-6R-1 | IL-6RA | IL6Q | IL6RA | IL6RQ
Gene Description IL6R, interleukin 6 receptor, encodes for a receptor, which once bound by IL6, plays a role in anti-inflammation and regeneration via activation of the JAK/STAT, ERK, and PI3K signaling pathways (PMID: 21296109). IL6R signaling has been linked to ovarian carcinoma and lung adenocarcinoma via cross-talk with EGFR, and IL6R expression levels have been correlated to a worse prognosis in prostate cancer (PMID: 21156962).
Entrez Id 3570
Chromosome 1
Map Location 1q21.3
Canonical Transcript NM_000565

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