Gene Detail

Gene Symbol DDR2
Synonyms MIG20a | NTRKR3 | TKT | TYRO10 | WRCN
Gene Description DDR2, discoidin domain-containing receptor 2, is a tyrosine kinase receptor activated by collagen, promoting cell migration, proliferation, and survival (PMID: 22328973, PMID: 27398168). Altered expression and mutations of DDR2 have been identified in a variety of solid tumors, including ovarian (PMID: 27398168), lung (PMID: 28161936), gastric (PMID: 27350126), and HNSCC (PMID: 27434411).
Entrez Id 4921
Chromosome 1
Map Location 1q23.3
Canonical Transcript NM_001014796

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