Gene Detail

Gene Symbol PIK3R1
Synonyms AGM7 | GRB1 | IMD36 | p85 | p85-ALPHA
Gene Description PIK3R1, phosphoinositide-3-kinase regulatory subunit 1, is the alpha subunit of PI3K that stabilizes and inhibits that catalytic subunit (Pik3ca) until ligand stimulation activates PI3K (PMID: 26807692) for subsequent AKT and mTOR signaling to promote cell growth and survival (PMID: 19629070). PIK3R1 alterations are common in endometrial, glioma, and colon cancers and have also been detected in renal, ovarian, urothelial, breast, and prostate tumors (PMID: 24367658, PMID: 26807692, PMID: 26501081, PMID: 17932254).
Entrez Id 5295
Chromosome 5
Map Location 5q13.1
Canonical Transcript NM_181523

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