Gene Detail

Gene Symbol MAPK8
Synonyms JNK | JNK-46 | JNK1 | JNK1A2 | JNK21B1/2 | PRKM8 | SAPK1 | SAPK1c
Gene Description MAPK8, mitogen-activated protein kinase 8, is a serine/threonine c-Jun NH2-terminal kinase (JNK) that acts in signaling cascades to regulate gene expression, cell proliferation, differentiation and development and apoptosis (PMID: 15077147). MAP kinase signaling cascades are often disregulated in cancer (PMID: 15077147) and MAPK8 overexpression in glioblastoma cells mediates resistant to temozolomide (PMID: 30119215).
Entrez Id 5599
Chromosome 10
Map Location 10q11.22
Canonical Transcript NM_139049

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