Gene Detail

Gene Symbol SERPINB3
Synonyms HsT1196 | SCC | SCCA-1 | SCCA-PD | SCCA1 | SSCA1 | T4-A
Gene Description SERPINB3, serpin family B member 3, is a member of the ova-serpin family of protease inhibitors, which plays a role in cell differentiation, programmed cell death, and autoimmune response (PMID: 19332150, PMID: 25984243, PMID: 27668655). Over expression of SERPINB3 is associated with squamous cell carcinomas (PMID: 19332150, PMID: 25984243).
Entrez Id 6317
Chromosome 18
Map Location 18q21.33
Canonical Transcript NM_006919

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