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Gene Symbol FOXL2
Synonyms BPES | BPES1 | PFRK | PINTO | POF3
Gene Description FOXL2, forkhead box L2, encodes for a transcription factor that is a member of the forked-winged helix family and plays a role in ovary development (PMID: 21640373). FOXL2 is commonly mutated in granulosa-cell tumors (PMID: 19956657, PMID: 31162286), including of the ovary (PMID: 32064045).


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Molecular Profile Protein Effect Treatment Approaches
FOXL2 A253fs loss of function - predicted
FOXL2 A331V unknown
FOXL2 A66V loss of function
FOXL2 act mut gain of function
FOXL2 amp no effect
FOXL2 C134W gain of function
FOXL2 E118K unknown
FOXL2 E139K unknown
FOXL2 E352K unknown
FOXL2 E69D unknown
FOXL2 E69K unknown
FOXL2 E69Q unknown
FOXL2 F167* loss of function - predicted
FOXL2 F90S loss of function
FOXL2 G121S unknown
FOXL2 G38S unknown
FOXL2 G43R unknown
FOXL2 H104N unknown
FOXL2 H104R no effect
FOXL2 I102T loss of function
FOXL2 I63fs loss of function - predicted
FOXL2 I63N loss of function - predicted
FOXL2 I63T loss of function
FOXL2 I80T loss of function
FOXL2 I84N loss of function
FOXL2 I84S loss of function
FOXL2 inact mut loss of function
FOXL2 K193S no effect - predicted
FOXL2 L106F loss of function
FOXL2 L106P loss of function
FOXL2 L108P loss of function - predicted
FOXL2 mutant unknown
FOXL2 N105S unknown
FOXL2 N109K unknown
FOXL2 N109S unknown
FOXL2 P116Q unknown
FOXL2 Q219* loss of function
FOXL2 R103C unknown
FOXL2 R146P unknown
FOXL2 R147L unknown
FOXL2 S101R loss of function
FOXL2 S217C no effect - predicted
FOXL2 S217F unknown
FOXL2 S58L loss of function
FOXL2 S70I loss of function
FOXL2 T76M unknown
FOXL2 W204* loss of function
FOXL2 W98G loss of function
FOXL2 wild-type no effect
FOXL2 Y215C unknown