Gene Detail

Gene Symbol TCF3
Synonyms AGM8 | bHLHb21 | E2A | E47 | ITF1 | p75 | TCF-3 | VDIR
Gene Description TCF3, transcription factor 3, is a Tcf/Lef factor that interacts with beta-catenin, acting as a repressor of transcription, and plays a role in embryonic development (PMID: 22573616, PMID: 23090119). Elevated expression of TCF3 has been observed in breast cancer (PMID: 23090119) and a fusion with PBX1 has been identified in acute lymphoblastic leukemia (PMID: 25729575).
Entrez Id 6929
Chromosome 19
Map Location 19p13.3
Canonical Transcript NM_003200

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