Gene Detail

Gene Symbol TGFBR1
Synonyms AAT5 | ACVRLK4 | ALK-5 | ALK5 | ESS1 | LDS1 | LDS1A | LDS2A | MSSE | SKR4 | tbetaR-I | TBR-i | TBRI | TGFR-1
Gene Description TGFBR1, TGF-beta receptor type-1, is a membrane bound Ser/Thr protein kinase which acts with Tgfbr2 to form a receptor for transforming growth factor beta (Tgfb), a regulator of cell growth (PMID: 21461994). Tgfbr1 mutations and abnormal expression have been reported in colon and pancreatic cancers (PMID: 20001556).
Entrez Id 7046
Chromosome 9
Map Location 9q22.33
Canonical Transcript NM_004612

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