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Gene Symbol TPM3
Synonyms CAPM1 | CFTD | CMYP4A | CMYP4B | HEL-189 | HEL-S-82p | hscp30 | NEM1 | OK/SW-cl.5 | TM-5 | TM3 | TM30 | TM30nm | TM5 | TPM3nu | TPMsk3 | TRK
Gene Description TPM3, tropomyosin 3, is a member of the tropomyosin family of actin-interacting proteins, which regulates actin function and plays an essential role in embryonic development (PMID: 23904035, PMID: 26240174). TPM3-NTRK1 fusions are recurrent in colorectal cancer (PMID: 24962792, PMID: 30279230) and additional fusions, with multiple gene partners, have been identified in other tumor types, including inflammatory myofibroblastic tumors (PMID: 10934142), anaplastic large cell lymphoma (PMID: 10216106), renal cell carcinoma (PMID: 32102128), and lung cancer (PMID: 25667280).
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