Gene Detail

Gene Symbol CCR2
Synonyms CC-CKR-2 | CCR-2 | CCR2A | CCR2B | CD192 | CKR2 | CKR2A | CKR2B | CMKBR2 | MCP-1-R
Gene Description CCR2, chemokine (C-C motif) receptor 2, is a transmembrane receptor for the chemokines CCL2, CCL8, CCL7 and CCL13 (PMID: 23408426) and is also an alternative coreceptor for HIV-1 infection (PMID: 12192431). CCL2 expression from tumor cells facilitates metastasis by activating CCR2 in the endothelium, increasing vascular permeability (PMID: 22789541) and other studies have shown inhibition of Ccr2 prevents CCCL2 induced cell invasion and viability (PMID: 28424406).
Entrez Id 729230
Chromosome 3
Map Location 3p21.31
Canonical Transcript NM_001123041

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