Gene Detail

Gene Symbol NCOA3
Synonyms ACTR | AIB-1 | AIB1 | bHLHe42 | CAGH16 | CTG26 | KAT13B | pCIP | RAC3 | SRC-3 | SRC3 | TNRC14 | TNRC16 | TRAM-1
Gene Description NCOA3, nuclear receptor coactivator 3, is a steroid-receptor coactivator family member that functions as a nuclear receptor coactivator and as a transcriptional coactivator (PMID: 21647249). Overexpression of NCOA3 has been associated with poor prognosis in several tumor types, including pancreatic cancer (PMID: 21647249, PMID: 27267632).
Entrez Id 8202
Chromosome 20
Map Location 20q13.12
Canonical Transcript NM_181659

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