Gene Detail

Gene Symbol CASP8
Synonyms ALPS2B | CAP4 | Casp-8 | FLICE | MACH | MCH5
Gene Description CASP8 (caspase 8) is the initial protease in the death receptor induced apoptosis pathway, where procaspase-8 is recruited to death-inducing signaling complex (DISC) to initiate a cascade of caspases (PMID: 22683265) and is also a tumor antigen recognized by T-cells in HNSCC (PMID: 29403496). CASP8 mutations may promote carcinogenesis due to loss of the proapoptotic function of Casp8 or by activating Nfkb signaling (PMID: 23659359) and depending on the context, Casp8 may promote tumor progression (PMID: 20817393).
Entrez Id 841
Chromosome 2
Map Location 2q33.1
Canonical Transcript NM_033355

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