Gene Detail

Gene Symbol SOCS1
Synonyms CIS1 | CISH1 | JAB | SOCS-1 | SSI-1 | SSI1 | TIP-3 | TIP3
Gene Description SOCS1, suppressor of cytokine signaling 1, is a member of a family of proteins which regulate cytokine production through a negative feedback loop involving inhibition of JAK kinase activity as well as interacting in a variety of other signaling networks (PMID: 21084693). Mutations in SOCS1 are associated with a wide variety of cancers (PMID: 24757565) and dysregulated Socs1 expression has been identified in both heme and solid tumor types (PMID: 28228755).
Entrez Id 8651
Chromosome 16
Map Location 16p13.13
Canonical Transcript NM_003745

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