Gene Detail

Gene Symbol SQSTM1
Synonyms A170 | DMRV | FTDALS3 | NADGP | OSIL | p60 | p62 | p62B | PDB3 | ZIP3
Gene Description SQSTM1, sequestosome 1, also referred to as p62, partners with several other proteins to regulate cell growth and survival (PMID: 22841931, PMID: 22424619). SQSTM1 is overexpressed in several tumor types, including breast and prostate cancers (PMID: 26426686) and fusions with ALK (PMID: 21134980, PMID: 25413595), FGFR1 (PMID: 25501022), NTRK1 (PMID: 26565381), and NTRK2 (PMID: 28512244) have been observed.
Entrez Id 8878
Chromosome 5
Map Location 5q35.3
Canonical Transcript NM_003900

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