Gene Detail

Gene Symbol SPAG9
Synonyms CT89 | HLC-6 | HLC4 | HLC6 | JIP-4 | JIP4 | JLP | PHET | PIG6
Gene Description SPAG9, sperm associated antigen 9 is scaffold protein that mediates JNK signaling ( A SPAG9 fusion with JAK2 has been observed in acute lymphoblastic leukemia and SPAG9 expression is associated with invasion, cell motility and poor prognosis in diverse solid tumor types (PMID: 25951811, PMID: 25310386, PMID: 24801907, PMID: 18922895)
Entrez Id 9043
Chromosome 17
Map Location 17q21.33
Canonical Transcript NM_001130528

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