Gene Detail

Gene Symbol PTTG1
Synonyms EAP1 | HPTTG | PTTG | TUTR1
Gene Description PTTG1, securin, is also known as pituitary tumor transforming gene-1 and plays a role in chromosome stability (PMID: 10411507), angiogenesis through Fgf2, and signal transduction downstream of Src kinase (PMID: 27766744). Overexpression of Pttg1 has been observed in several tumor types, including laryngeal cancer (PMID: 30061937), meningioma (PMID: 29575197), NSCLC (PMID: 27829547), pituitary tumors (PMID: 9092795), and ovarian carcinoma, where it may promote tumor progression and metastasis (PMID: 27766744).
Entrez Id 9232
Chromosome 5
Map Location 5q33.3
Canonical Transcript NM_004219

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