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Gene Symbol PIEZO1
Synonyms DHS | ER | FAM38A | LMPH3 | LMPHM6 | Mib
Gene Description PIEZO1, piezo type mechanosensitive ion channel component 1, encodes a multipass transmembrane protein that functions as a mechanically activated cation channel (PMID: 20813920, PMID: 22790400), and plays a role in maintaining the structure and function of the vascular system (PMID: 25119035), erythrocyte homeostasis (PMID: 26001274), epithelial cell proliferation (PMID: 28199303), and neural lineage specification (PMID: 25349416). Increased PIEZO1 expression has been has been observed in several tumor types, including prostate cancer (PMID: 31322184), bladder cancer (PMID: 30010255), and gastric cancer (PMID: 29683214), and a fusion protein with RSPO2 has been identified in colorectal traditional serrated adenoma (PMID: 30916365).
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