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Gene Symbol CDC42
Synonyms CDC42Hs | G25K | TKS
Gene Description CDC42, cell division cycle 42, is a member of the Ras GTPase superfamily that plays a key role in several cellular processes including cell polarization (PMID: 22560076, PMID: 2195038), actin cytoskeleton dynamics and filopodia formation (PMID: 9308960, PMID: 31330900, PMID: 9403696), cytokinesis (PMID: 8838660), motility, and invasion (PMID: 9403696). Cdc42 is overexpressed in various solid tumors including cervical cancer, pancreatic cancer, sarcoma (PMID: 29858187), non-small cell lung cancer (PMID: 19162367), melanoma (PMID: 17970806), breast cancer (PMID: 12237774), colorectal cancer (PMID: 18575765), and testicular cancer (PMID: 15269155).
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