1. How do I search on gene fusions?

    Begin by typing the gene name of the first fusion partner in the “gene variant” finder window, then a space, and repeat first name of gene partner, e.g.,. “ETV6 ETV6 – “

    Alternatively you can search on the second fusion partner by typing “- gene name” in the gene variant finder, e.g.,. “- ALK”

2. Does CKB contain copy number alterations?

    Yes, CKB contains information on both amplifications (amp) and deletions (del). These can be found by searching on the gene name followed by “amp” or “del” in the gene variant finder window.

3. Does CKB contain expression data?

    Yes, CKB captures data on decreased and increased expression. These can be found by searching on the gene name followed by “dec exp” or “over exp”.

4. Which web browsers are best used with CKB?

    Firefox and Chrome

5. How do I recommend scientific papers and/or additional gene variant curation?

6. How often is content updated on the CKB website?

    Content is updated daily.

7. Is there a way to download CKB content or an API?

    CKB is continually under development and download of content or an API is not available at this time. We will periodically release new content features and functionalities. If you would like to stay informed of new releases, please email with your contact information.