About CKB

The Jackson Laboratory Clinical Knowledgebase (CKB) is a semi-automated/manually curated database of gene/variant annotations, therapy knowledge, diagnostic/prognostic information, and clinical trials related to oncology. CKB not only contains current information on the protein effect of somatic gene variants, but also connects the variant to targeted therapies through an efficacy evidence annotation. In addition, CKB captures clinical trial patient eligibility criteria that include genomic alterations (genotype-specific). The public access version of CKB encompasses 82 commonly known driver genes. Users can search CKB via gene, gene variants, drug, drug class, indication, and clinical trials. The web-based version of CKB is designed to interrogate the knowledgebase for specific data attributes while also enabling a robust browse like feature when the desired content is unknown.

CKB Data Model Overview:

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Citation Use Cases:

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