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Drug Class Chemotherapy - Anthracycline


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Drug Name Trade Name Synonyms Drug Classes Drug Description
ThermoDox Chemotherapy - Anthracycline 11 ThermoDox is liposomal formulation of the anthracyline, doxorubicin (NCI Drug Dictionary).
Amrubicin Chemotherapy - Anthracycline 11 Amrubicin is a synthetic anthracycline, which intercalates into DNA resulting in growth inhibition and cell death (PMID: 21188110).
Daunorubicin Cerubidine Rubidomycin|daunomycin hydrochloride|rubomycin C|Acetyladriamycin Chemotherapy - Anthracycline 11 Cerubidine (daunorubicin) is an anthracycline, which inhibits DNA replication and repair (NCI Drug Dictionary). Cerubidine (daunorubicin) is FDA approved for AML and MLL (FDA.gov).
Idarubicin Idamycin Idarubicin Hcl Chemotherapy - Anthracycline 11 Idarubicin is an anthracycline, which inhibits DNA replication thereby preventing RNA and protein synthesis (NCI Drug Dictionary). Idarubicin, in combination with other approved drugs, is FDA approved for acute myelogenous leukemia (FDA.gov).
Daunoxome liposomal daunorubicin citrate Chemotherapy - Anthracycline 11 Daunoxome is a liposomal formulation of the anthracyline, daunorubicin (NCI Drug Dictionary) and is FDA approved for HIV-associated Kaposi’s sarcoma (FDA.gov).
GPX-150 Chemotherapy - Anthracycline 11 GPX-150 is a doxorubicin analogue that intercalates DNA and leads to apoptosis in tumor cells (NCI Drug Dictionary).
Epirubicin Ellence Chemotherapy - Anthracycline 11 Ellence (epirubicin) is an anthracycline, which intercalates into DNA and inhibits topoisomerase II (PMID: 24367159). Ellence (epirubicin) is FDA approved as a component of adjuvant therapy in patients with evidence of axillary node tumor involvement for primary breast cancer (FDA.gov).
Aldoxorubicin INNO-206|doxorubicin prodrug INNO-206 Chemotherapy - Anthracycline 11 Aldoxorubicin is a derivative prodrug of doxorubicin that is converted to free doxorubicin within the acidic environment within tumors. Once converted, doxorubicin intercalates DNA, inhibits DNA synthesis and induces apotosis (NCI Drug Dictionary).
Pegylated liposomal-doxorubicin Doxil ATI-0918|CAELYX Chemotherapy - Anthracycline 11 Doxil (pegylated liposomal doxorubicin) is doxorubicin encapsulated within a liposome to allow better penetration into tumors, decrease toxicity, and increase the period of effectiveness. Doxorubicin intercalates into DNA, disrupting DNA replication (NCI Drug Dictionary). Doxil (pegylated liposomal doxorubicin) is FDA approved for ovarian cancer, AIDS-related Kaposi's sarcoma and multiple myeloma (FDA.gov).
Valrubicin Valstar Antibiotic Ad 32|AD-32 Chemotherapy - Anthracycline 11 TOPO2 inhibitor 4 Valstar (valrubicin) is an anthracycline that is metabolized into compounds that inhibit topoisomerase II, resulting in inhibition of DNA synthesis and potentially leading to decreased tumor growth (PMID: 19145271, PMID: 20554745). Valstar (valrubicin) is FDA-approved for treatment of BCG-refractory urinary bladder carcinoma in situ (FDA.gov).
Doxorubicin Adriamycin Adria|ADR Chemotherapy - Anthracycline 11 TOPO2 inhibitor 4 Adriamycin (doxorubicin) is an anthracycline chemotherapeutic, in a non-liposomal formulation, which intercalates into DNA and inhibits topoisomerase II (PMID: 24367159). Doxorubicin is FDA approved for multiple cancer types (FDA.gov).
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