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Drug Class Chemotherapy - Antimetabolite


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Drug Name Trade Name Synonyms Drug Classes Drug Description
Pemetrexed Alimta LY231514 Chemotherapy - Antimetabolite 10 Alimta (pemetrexed) is an antifolate, which inhibits thymidylate synthase (NCI Drug Dictionary).
Gemcitabine Gemzar Difluorodeoxycytidine Hydrochlorothiazide Chemotherapy - Antimetabolite 10 Gemzar (gemcitabine) is converted in cells to difluorodeoxycytidine di- and triphosphate (dFdCDP, dFdCTP), which act to inhibit ribonucleoside reductase and as a deoxynucleotide analog respectively, resulting in DNA strand termination and apoptosis (NCI Drug Dictionary).
ASTX727 Chemotherapy - Antimetabolite 10 ASTX727 combines a cytidine deaminase inhibitor (E7727) and decitabine, a cytidine antimetabolite, so that the breakdown of decitabine is prevented, allowing lower dosing while increasing the bioavailability of decitabine. Decitabine is incorporated into DNA and inhibits DNA methyltransferase, causing arrest of DNA replication (NCI Drug Dictionary).
Toca 511 T5.0002 Chemotherapy - Antimetabolite 10 Toca 511 is a retroviral vector encoding yeast cytosine deaminase, which converts the prodrug flucytosine into 5-fluorouracil upon infection of tumor cells, leading to tumor cell death (PMID: 22547150).
Leucovorin Wellcovorin Calcium folinate|Calcium citrovorum factor|folinic acid Chemotherapy - Antimetabolite 10 Wellcovorin (leucovorin) is a metabolite of folate that enhances the efficacy of fluoruracil (NCI Drug Dictionary).
Capecitabine Xeloda R340 Chemotherapy - Antimetabolite 10 Xeloda (capecitabine) is an antimetabolite that when activated to 5-FU ultimately inhibits DNA synthesis and cell division (NCI Drug Dictionary).
Toca FC Chemotherapy - Antimetabolite 10 Toca FC is an extended release form of flucytosine, which inhibits DNA synthesis after conversion to 5-fluorouracil (NCI Drug Dictionary).
Fluorouracil Adrucil 5-FU Chemotherapy - Antimetabolite 10 Adrucil (fluorouracil) is an antimetabolite chemotherapeutic agent, which interferes with DNA and RNA synthesis thereby preventing cancer cell growth (NCI Drug Dictionary). Fluorouracil is FDA approved for colorectal, breast, stomach, and pancreatic cancer (FDA.gov).
Methotrexate Abitrexate Amethopterin Chemotherapy - Antimetabolite 10 Methotrexate is an antimetabolite, which inhibits DHFR resulting in decreased immune function and antineoplastic activity (NCI Drug Dictionary). Methotrexate is FDA approved for psoriasis, RA, and several cancers including choriocarcinoma, AML, lung, head and neck and epidermoid (FDA.gov).
TS-1 S-1|tegafur-gimeracil-oteracil potassium Chemotherapy - Antimetabolite 10 TS-1 (tegafur-gimeracil-oteracil potassium) is composed of tegafur, gimestat and otastat potassium, of which the ultimate active ingredient is 5-FU (PMID: 12066214).
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