Gene Detail

Gene Symbol CDH3
Synonyms CDHP | HJMD | PCAD
Gene Description CDH3, cadherin-3, is also known as placental-cadherin, P-cadherin, (PMID: 29142905) is a cell adhesion molecule that may play a role in cell growth and differentiation (PMID: 27399126). Overexpression of Cdh3 has been observed in a variety of solid tumor types, including colorectal, esophageal, pancreatic, bladder, prostate, melanoma, breast cancer (PMID: 29142905) and may correlate with decreased survival in endometrial cancer (PMID: 15051772).
Entrez Id 1001
Chromosome 16
Map Location 16q22.1
Canonical Transcript NM_001793

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