Gene Detail

Gene Symbol NDRG1
Synonyms CAP43 | CMT4D | DRG-1 | DRG1 | GC4 | HMSNL | NDR1 | NMSL | PROXY1 | RIT42 | RTP | TARG1 | TDD5
Gene Description NDRG1, N-myc downstream regulated 1, is a member of the NDRG family and appears to play a role in multiple biological functions including tumor suppression, cell differentiation, cell growth, lipid biosynthesis, stress response, and myelination (PMID: 25712528). NDRG1 fusions with ERG were found to be over expressed in prostate cancer (PMID: 19649210).
Entrez Id 10397
Chromosome 8
Map Location 8q24.22
Canonical Transcript NM_001135242

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