Gene Detail

Gene Symbol PPARGC1A
Synonyms LEM6 | PGC-1(alpha) | PGC-1alpha | PGC-1v | PGC1 | PGC1A | PPARGC1
Gene Description PPARGC1A, peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma, coactivator 1 alpha, is a transcriptional cofactor regulating mitochondrial biogenesis and cell metabolism (PMID: 10412986, PMID: 29361779). PPARGC1A is up-regulated in a number of drug-resistant cancers driving tumor dependency on oxidative phosphorylation (PMID: 25490445) but, has also been observed to be down regulated in a variety of cancer types, indicating an unknown role of Ppargc1a in cancer (PMID: 29361779) .
Entrez Id 10891
Chromosome 4
Map Location 4p15.2
Canonical Transcript NM_013261

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