Gene Detail

Gene Symbol ERLIN2
Synonyms C8orf2 | Erlin-2 | NET32 | SPFH2 | SPG18
Gene Description ERLIN2, ER lipid raft associated 2, is an ER protein that mediates ER stress response and mediates de novo lipogenesis (PMID: 22681620, PMID: 22690709). ERLIN2 has been identified as a possible oncogene within amplified 8p11-8p12 in breast cancer, regulates lipogenesis in cancer cells (PMID: 22681620, PMID: 22690709) and a fusion with FGFR1 has been identified in breast cancer (PMID: 23558953).
Entrez Id 11160
Chromosome 8
Map Location 8p11.23
Canonical Transcript NM_007175

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