Gene Detail

Gene Symbol CLU
Synonyms AAG4 | APO-J | APOJ | CLI | CLU1 | CLU2 | KUB1 | NA1/NA2 | SGP-2 | SGP2 | SP-40 | TRPM-2 | TRPM2
Gene Description CLU, clusterin, is a stress-induced chaperone that prevents protein misfolding and functions in apoptosis, cell proliferation, cell-cycle regulation, DNA damage response (PMID: 19879421, PMID: 19903745, PMID: 30002194). Overexpression of Clu has been observed in hepatocellular carcinoma (PMID: 25609201), esophageal cancer (PMID: 25574066), and promotes cell growth and invasion in renal carcinoma cells (PMID: 29400663).
Entrez Id 1191
Chromosome 8
Map Location 8p21.1
Canonical Transcript NM_001831

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