Gene Detail

Gene Symbol ADORA2A
Synonyms A2aR | ADORA2 | RDC8
Gene Description ADORA2A, adenosine A2a receptor, is a G-protein coupled receptor that binds adenosine to regulate a number of physiological functions and is expressed by a variety of cells, including dendritic cells (DCs), T-cells and NK-cells (PMID: 23856527). ADORA2A in the tumor microenvironment evades immune surveillance by inhibiting T-cell receptor function (PMID: 23856527, PMID: 25377469) and therapeutic blockade may restore the anti-tumor response (PMID: 28174424).
Entrez Id 135
Chromosome 22
Map Location 22q11.23
Canonical Transcript NM_001278500

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