Gene Detail

Gene Symbol CTNND1
Synonyms BCDS2 | CAS | CTNND | p120 | p120(CAS) | p120(CTN) | P120CAS | P120CTN
Gene Description CTNND1, catenin delta 1, encodes for p120-catenin, which plays a role in cell adhesion via association with E-cadherin, resulting in the regulation and stability of cadherins found at the cellular membrane (PMID: 23071139). CTNND1 amplification has been identified in lung cancer (PMID: 20715154) and CTNND1 loss has been associated with breast cancer (PMID: 23733751).
Entrez Id 1500
Chromosome 11
Map Location 11q12.1
Canonical Transcript NM_001085458

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