Gene Detail

Gene Symbol FGR
Synonyms c-fgr | c-src2 | p55-Fgr | p55c-fgr | p58-Fgr | p58c-fgr | SRC2
Gene Description FGR, FGR proto-oncogene, Src family tyrosine kinase, is a non-receptor tyrosine kinase that is a member of the Src gene family and plays a role in the control of integrin-mediated signal transduction, affecting the actin cytoskeletal structure and cell migration (PMID: 10547366). A fusion of WASF2 and FGR was identified in melanoma, ovarian cancer, and lung squamous cell carcinoma (PMID: 25204415) while a fusion of FYB and FGR was found in lymphoma (Journal of Clinical Oncology 35, no. 15_suppl), and increased expression of FGR has been observed in B-cell lymphomas and may be associated with resistance to HDAC inhibitors (PMID: 27324824).
Entrez Id 2268
Chromosome 1
Map Location 1p35.3
Canonical Transcript NM_005248

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