Gene Detail

Gene Symbol KDM1A
Synonyms AOF2 | BHC110 | CPRF | KDM1 | LSD1
Gene Description KDM1A, lysine demethylase 1A, is also known as LSD1, is a histone demethylase influencing histone modification and chromatin remodeling to activate or repress gene transcription (PMID: 15620353). KDM1A knockdown has been demonstrated to decrease proliferation and colony formation in both mouse and human AML cells (PMID: 22464800) and KDM1A promotes cancer progression in breast cancer, prostate cancer, and AML (PMID: 30518104).
Entrez Id 23028
Chromosome 1
Map Location 1p36.12
Canonical Transcript NM_015013

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