Gene Detail

Gene Symbol MKRN1
Synonyms RNF61
Gene Description MKRN1, E3 ubiquitin-protein ligase makorin-1, is a zinc-finger protein (PMID: 23104211) and transcriptional coregulator which, inhibits cell death by negative regulation of Tp53 (PMID: 26817873). MKRN1 fusions with BRAF have been observed in pediatric gliomas (PMID: 23817572) and anaplastic thyroid carcinomas (PMID: 26680454) and overexpression of Mkrn1 has been observed in cervical cancer (PMID: 26183061).
Entrez Id 23608
Chromosome 7
Map Location 7q34
Canonical Transcript NM_013446

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