Gene Detail

Gene Symbol GPS2
Synonyms AMF-1
Gene Description GPS2, G protein pathway suppressor 2, is part of the nuclear co-repressor (N-CoR) and SMRT complexes (PMID: 25374920, PMID: 19858209), and plays a role in lipid metabolism, adipogenesis, proliferation, apoptosis, and DNA repair (PMID: 27460081). Somatic GPS2 mutations have been reported in medulloblastoma (PMID: 22820256), a fusion with MLL2 has also been observed in spindle cell sarcoma (PMID: 25139254), and decreased GPS2 expression may be prognostic in liposarcoma (PMID: 27460081).
Entrez Id 2874
Chromosome 17
Map Location 17p13.1
Canonical Transcript NM_004489

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