Gene Detail

Gene Symbol STRN3
Synonyms PPP2R6B | S/G2NA | SG2NA
Gene Description STRN3, striatin-3, is a member of the striatin family of WD repeat proteins (PMID: 26022125), a subunit of the striatin-interacting phosphatase and kinase (STRIPAK) complex, and may function to maintain the endoplasmic reticulum (PMID: 28634818). STRN3 fusions with BRAF have been observed in unknown primary adenocarcinoma (PMID: 26314551) and with NTRK3 in fibrosarcoma (PMID: 30520818).
Entrez Id 29966
Chromosome 14
Map Location 14q12
Canonical Transcript NM_001083893

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