Gene Detail

Gene Symbol HSF1
Synonyms HSTF1
Gene Description HSF1, heat shock factor protein 1, is a heat shock responsive transcription factor that upon stress, induces transcription of a number of genes in the HSP family (PMID: 25465722, PMID: 26754925). Hsf1 overexpression and altered phosphorylation status has been observed in several tumor types, including hepatocellular (PMID: 25199534), osteosarcoma (PMID: 28370690), ccRCC (PMID: 28617974), ovarian (PMID: 28487934), breast (PMID: 28598816), and ESCC (PMID: 28454329).
Entrez Id 3297
Chromosome 8
Map Location 8q24.3
Canonical Transcript NM_005526

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