Gene Detail

Gene Symbol IFIT1
Synonyms C56 | G10P1 | IFI-56 | IFI-56K | IFI56 | IFIT-1 | IFNAI1 | ISG56 | P56 | RNM561
Gene Description IFIT1, interferon-induced protein with tetratricopeptide repeats 1, is a member of the IRF-inducible gene family that plays a role in the immune defense against RNA viruses and may regulate expression of inflammatory cytokines (PMID: 30282041). Overexpression of Ifit1 in glioblastoma has been associated with improved prognosis and increased survival (PMID: 26980050).
Entrez Id 3434
Chromosome 10
Map Location 10q23.31
Canonical Transcript NM_001548

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