Gene Detail

Gene Symbol MYO18A
Synonyms MAJN | MYSPDZ | SP-R210 | SPR210
Gene Description MYO18A, myosin XVIIIA, encodes a myosin protein that interacts with LURAP1, thereby playing a role in cell migration and protrusion, and binds to GOLPH3, which allows for Golgi trafficking and morphology (PMID: 27824130). MYO18A fusions have been identified in myeloproliferative disorders (PMID: 15800673, PMID: 19006078), and MYO18A overexpression has been observed in metastatic prostate cancer cells (PMID: 26670045).
Entrez Id 399687
Chromosome 17
Map Location 17q11.2
Canonical Transcript NM_078471

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