Gene Detail

Gene Symbol EPCAM
Synonyms DIAR5 | EGP-2 | EGP314 | EGP40 | ESA | HNPCC8 | KS1/4 | KSA | M4S1 | MIC18 | MK-1 | TACSTD1 | TROP1
Gene Description EPCAM, epithelial cell adhesion molecule, is a glycoprotein that mediates cell-cell adhesion and regulates cell proliferation and differentiation (PMID: 23618806). Germline deletion of EPCAM is associated with Lynch syndrome and overexpression of EPCAM has been associated with poor prognosis in a variety of cancers (PMID: 23891921, PMID: 23618806).
Entrez Id 4072
Chromosome 2
Map Location 2p21
Canonical Transcript NM_002354

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